About Us

Welcome to Crazy R Longhorns. Northern Utah, in the heart of Smithfield Canyon, is where we call home. My wife and I, Sylvia and Robert respectively, have been raising cattle since 1975. However, we wanted to expand with something diverse and unique. In 2010, we were presented with the opportunity to purchase a few longhorns, marking the beginning of our longhorn endeavor. The fascinating breed sparked interest in our son, Shawn, and his kids, which persuaded the them to become involved and start Crazy R Longhorns.

We are striving to breed and raise quality Texas Longhorn cattle with confirmation, color, disposition, and of course, a thick, wide set of horns! We enjoy being a part of such a great network of individuals who have been in the industry for years, and are willing to lend a hand as we continue our journey. To name a few: Scott Pace, Danny Golden, Doug Hunt, and Gary Lake.